Latest Airfare Hike Fails

UPDATE June 22, 2015: Over the weekend, legacy carriers began rolling back their new higher prices and airfare analyst Rick Seaney is now declaring the hike a failure.

This was the second airfare hike attempt in June; the first attempt was successful. See the updated chart below.

Original post from June 19, 2015:

FareCompare airfare analyst and CEO Rick Seaney has spotted a hike that began brewing Wednesday, June 17. See his timeline and analysis (plus a chart at the end), and watch this post for updates.

Airfare Hike Activity Initiated by JetBlue

Seaney says the amount of the hike is $2 each-way or $4 round-trip.

  • 17-June – 1pm EDT: JetBlue begins significant airfare hike activity.
  • 17-June – 4pm EDT: JetBlue initiates additional hike activity, 25% of the volume seen at 1 p.m.
  • 17-June – 8pm EDT: More hike activity from JetBlue, similar to that seen at 1 p.m.

Note: JetBlue’s hikes throughout the day grew to include most of the cities in its route system, though this is a relatively small number compared to the larger airlines.

  • 18-June – 1pm EDT: Delta hikes about 500k fares, Air Canada – 22k, United – 66k (the last two likely cover U.S./Canadian routes and were done simultaneously).
  • 18-June – 4pm EDT: American/US Airways combined hike about 500k hiked fares each.
  • 18-June – 8pm EDT: United hikes 420k airfares, Hawaiian – 17k, Delta – another 30k.

Which Passengers are Affected

As Seaney discovered, the hiking activity by both JetBlue and Delta includes business and leisure travelers. Delta’s new higher prices affect its hubs in Atlanta, New York, Salt Lake City and Seattle.

Will the hike stick? The last one initiated just a couple of week ago did. Stay tuned to see if this one succeeds as well – but clearly airlines feel current demand is strong enough that a few bucks more per ticket won’t keep people home.

Airfare Hike 6-22-15


Updated: June 22, 2015