American/US Airways Miles Programs Merging: What to Know

No specific date has been set yet but according to recent reports, American Airlines’ AAdvantage loyalty program will likely merge with US Airways’ Dividend Miles (under the American name) by mid-April.

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What to Know: AA/US Airways Miles Changes

The merging of the two miles programs is one of the final steps to complete the integration of the two airlines. As we reported earlier this month, US Airways has quit using its Twitter account in favor of @AmericanAir, and more integration is coming. As for the latest changes to miles/loyalty programs, here are dates and deadlines to keep in mind.

If you are a member of both airlines’ miles programs:

  • March 20: This is the deadline to notify American Airlines that you are a member of both loyalty programs so they can combine the two. Click here to start the process.

If you are a member of one airline miles program:

  • US Airways member: Do nothing. American will contact you with a newly-assigned AAdvantage number once the programs are merged and new accounts set up.
  • American member: Proceed as you normally would; there will be no changes to your account.

What the changes will mean for you:

  • The AAdvantage program has three elite status levels: Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum and you can learn more about earning elite-qualifying miles and program benefits here.


Updated: March 17, 2015