American/US Airways: Miles Program, Merger Updates

We told you this was coming. Now, two more milestones for the two almost-merged airlines, including news for frequent flyers – especially loyalty program members.

Miles Integration Begins March 28

News for members of American Airline’s AAdvantage and/or US Airways Dividend Miles programs:

  • For members of AAdvantage, no changes.
  • For members of both programs, credits and miles will migrate to a single AAdvantage account beginning Saturday, March 28.
  • For members of the US Airways program, miles will begin moving into a single account starting March 28 and American will provide you with a new account number.

Important note for US Airways flyers: According to Terry Maxon of the Dallas Morning News, member of Dividend miles will find their miles frozen as of March 26 and this could last “several days” as integration moves forward, meaning those US Airways miles won’t be redeemable for awards travel during this period. You will, however, continue to earn miles if you fly either airline during this time.

Forget the miles, just give me a cheap flight

Single Operating Certificate: April 8

The Federal Aviation Administration will grant American a single operating certificate on April 8. This is one of the final hurdles to total integration that began with the carriers’ merger in December of 2013. However, American and US Airways will continue flying under their own names for a while longer, and final integration of the two airlines likely won’t happen until the end of the year – or beyond.


Published: March 25, 2015