Americans 'Right to Vacation' Petition Proves Popular

According to a report from the Vacation Equality Project, the U.S. has no government-guaranteed vacation time for its citizens. Do we need this? More than 17,000 Americans say, yes.

Vacation Not for Everyone

The project, backed by (which obviously has a vested interest), points out that while many companies do give employees paid time-off, a reported 1 in 4 workers or 28 million get no paid vacation or paid holidays at all. Note: The information does not state whether these are contract workers or involve full-time or part-time positions.

Those who find this unfair have been asked to sign a position on and are now being told to contact their representatives in Congress (and the project provides a link for that).

Some Skip Vacation Days Altogether

As FareCompare CEO and travel expert Rick Seaney noted a couple of years back, “Something like 60 percent leave days-off on the table. Not that we [in the U.S.] get that many to begin with, certainly not compared to Europe.” He’s right.

U.S. vs. Other Countries

According to Vacation Equality Project, the U.S. has zero guaranteed vacation days, and here’s what others have:

Guaranteed Days Off


30 Brazil, France
28 Russia, United Kingdom
25 Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden
20 Australia, Ireland
10 Canada, Japan
0 United States

 Source: Vacation Equality Project

Important note: It’s not clear if the U.S. is only country with zero vacation days; the Vacation Equality Project says it’s the only “advanced economy” with no guaranteed time off. Also, whether people in the other countries listed above take all or even most of the days due them is another question. We don’t know the answer but perhaps some of our readers can enlighten us.


Published: August 18, 2014