American Shows Improvement but More Flight Cuts Coming

Although troubled American Airlines is reporting fewer of the delays and cancellations that have plagued its schedule over the past few weeks, the carrier plans to trim flights in the first half of November by another 1 percent. Earlier, the bankrupt airline announced cuts of up to 2 percent for September in October.

Why American Pilots are Angry

Schedules Cuts Amid Labor Strife

The moves come in the wake of labor strife – American pilots are unhappy about their contract situation – that apparently contributed to more than a thousand flight cancellations in September alone, along with a staggering 21,000-plus delayed flights. But in recent days, the picture has improved to the point that American is actually now out-performing other airlines like Southwest.

21,000 Late Flights in Sept.

American Delays Improve

Thursday – Oct. 11










Wednesday – Oct.10







Note: The above statistics are from FlightStats.

American’s ‘Loose Seats’ Debacle

Pilots Protest, Management ‘Regrets’

Two new developments of note: yesterday at Washington’s Reagan airport, 40 to 50 American pilots picketed to show their unhappiness. They’ve long made it clear they want their airline to merge with US Airways. Meantime, American CEO Tom Horton said the issue of those loose seats on the airline’s 757s that in some cases slid around during flights, is “finally behind us” and he also talked about passengers saying, “I regret that we’ve let them down, and they have every right to be disappointed.”

To Book or Not to Book with American for the Holidays

Schedule Cuts Won’t Affect Thanksgiving

American will no doubt be closely watching to see if reservations for Thanksgiving travel has been affected by the drama of the past few weeks, as all U.S. carriers prepare for the lucrative holiday season (American does not release booking information). It has said the latest November schedule cuts will not affect Thanksgiving flights.

The Deals Blog – Updated Daily

American: No Dramatic Airfare Sales

So far, the airline is not worried enough about Thanksgiving or Christmas flights to announce any dramatic sales. The most recent airfare deals posted on American’s site covered January through March flights only.


Published: October 12, 2012