American Miles Update: Elite Rewards for Elite Flyers

American Airlines has announced changes to its AAdvantage miles program and the advantage goes to big spenders. Passengers in first and business class are in for some bonuses.

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Elite Flyers Get More Miles

Starting in January, members of American’s AAdvantage program and US Airways Dividend Miles (the airlines are in the final stages of merging) will get bonus miles for business or first class flights. As American Airlines said on its website, “In 2015, we’ll be the only major airline that rewards your loyalty up to three times – for the distance you fly, the fare you buy and your elite status.”

Depending on all those factors, elite bonus miles can really add up. Perks range from 250 additional miles all the way up to 12,000. As the Chicago Tribune reports, these premium rewards for premium flyers are expected to be very popular.

How Much are Bonus Miles Really Worth

However, one analyst points out that all these additional miles could devalue miles in general. Plus, while American is trying to make itself more attractive to high-paying elite flyers, there is nothing stopping Delta or United from piling on their own perks.

If you are an elite flyer, we’d love to get your reaction. And at some point, tell us how easy it was (or wasn’t) to use bonus miles.


Published: December 16, 2014