American Airlines Lost Bag Found but Israeli Security Gun Missing, Plus Southwest's Unruly Passenger

Your morning roundup of airline news: stuff you need to know, and stuff you want to know.

Lost Luggage, Missing Gun

This has got to be embarrassing.

A bag belonging to the Shin Bet security service – the bodyguards travelling with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – was supposed to travel with these folks from New York to Washington for meetings with Pres. Obama.

Only the bag travelled to Los Angeles instead.

The good news is, the bag was found at LAX. The bad news is, apparently at least one of the four Glock 9mm semi-automatic handguns inside the bag, is still missing.


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Who’s Got the Glock?

A spokesman for American Airlines passed along a statement to FareCompare this morning, which said: “When we have a potential security incident, we allow the appropriate law enforcement agencies to investigate, and we don’t comment publicly so we don’t hamper the investigation.”

We will assume the Israeli security folks paid the $25 first checked-bag fee.

Unruly Passenger Diverts Southwest Flight

Pilots aboard Southwest flight 3655 declared an emergency Monday night aboard a flight from Chicago to Salt Lake – because a male passenger stood up on the plane, and refused to sit down.

Several other passengers then also left their seats, but it was okay, since they were helping the flight attendants restrain the man. The pilot then made an unscheduled stop in Denver where they dropped the disobedient passenger off into the waiting arms of the law.


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But not for long. The passenger was questioned and released – but could still face charges.

Is There Such a Thing as a “Ruly” Passenger?

Indeed there is, and I’m glad you asked. This is from the American Heritage dictionary:

“ruly” (pronounced ROO-lee)

adj. ru·li·er , ru·li·est
Neat and orderly: “A small, ruly beard balances his hair”

A better sentence might be: “A nice, ruly passenger would never divert an airline flight.”


Published: July 7, 2010