American Apologizes for All Those Delayed/Canceled Flights with Double Miles

American Airlines admits that its recent operating performance was “not up to our standards”; it also noted that sometimes apologies are not enough so the airline will act, too, by doubling AAdvantage miles through the end of the year.

21,000+ Delayed Flights in September

How AA’s Double Miles Will Work

The earnings begin right now for some, and here’s how works:

  • Every AAdvantage member can earn double elite qualifying miles and points – as of right now – through 2012
  • Every customer flying during Thanksgiving (Nov. 16-26) can earn double miles

The airline asks all who want to take advantage of the offer to register in order to confirm participation.

How Bad was American’s Recent Performance?

As one American executive put it, “We know you faced difficult delays and cancellations which affected important events in your life. And for that, we are deeply sorry.” The rest of the statement goes on to thanks passengers for their patience and support.

American Pilot: Why We’re Not Happy

Those flyers had to be patient, alright. During September alone, the airline canceled more than 1,000 flights and another 21,000 were delayed. The airline blamed it on labor strife launched by its unhappy pilots, who denied doing anything beyond following required procedures. Both sides have since gone back to talking to one another and there are reports that an agreement on a contract could be reached this week.

The End of ‘No Expiration’ Miles

While this is good news for passengers hoping to beef up miles at the end of the year – of special concern to all mileage runners – frequent flyers had reason to groan last week when the airline announced it was discontinuing its ‘no expiration’ miles.


Published: November 5, 2012