American Airlines to Sell 'Preferred Seats' Option on Priceline

American Airlines has announced it will no longer dole out Preferred Seats only via its website or the AA reservation call center. From now on, this fee-based option will also be available on travel website Priceline [Editor’s note: Priceline partners with FareCompare as one of its airfare search options].

Listen as air travel analyst Rick Seaney explains why this fee might be worth it:

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What Preferred Seats Give You

American’s Preferred Seats option allows passenger to pay for a better seat in terms of location – these are simply regular seats with standard-sized legroom but are “conveniently located near the front of the main cabin.” They do not necessarily include any window or aisle options.

Preferred Seats are not to be confused with Preferred Plus Seats, which do include windows, aisles and exit row toward the front of the plane. However, this Plus option is only available to premium and full-fare customers.

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Sale on Preferred Seats through Aug. 5

Although prices for Preferred Seats typically start at $4 each and vary according to flight distance, American is now offering these seats at a 25 percent discount through Aug. 5. Sale prices start at $3 per seat.


Published: July 30, 2012