American Airlines to Cut Management Jobs, Reduce July Flight Schedule

American Airlines has already announced it will cut more than 14,000 jobs, but its workforce reduction continues. On Wednesday, the airline – in the midst of bankruptcy reorganization – announced another round of layoffs. The latest target: management.

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1,400 Management Jobs May be Cut

However, the airline won’t say how many are being let go, although earlier estimates indicated as many as 1,400 jobs were on the line. Ever since the airline announced it would begin bankruptcy proceedings last November, the news out of its Ft. Worth headquarters has been fairly dismal: Rumors of a merger with US Airways began taking off. Then in January, 13,000 job cuts were announced. In April came word of another 1,200. More cuts are expected in the coming weeks or months.

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American’s July Flight Schedule Cut by 1%

The most recent wave was preceded by the news that American would also reduce its July flight schedule by 1 percent. It noted a similar reduction for June and blamed these actions on a number of factors including “higher-than-normal” number of pilots using sick-days.

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American Pilots and ‘Sick Days’

According to media reports, an American pilots spokesman said their union does not keep track of sick-days but Gregg Overman speculated that this could be related to American’s proposal to make workers fork over more for health care policies: pay more for health care. “Some pilots who postponed elective surgery might be going ahead before their co-payments go up and their premiums go up,” Overman was quoted as saying.


Published: June 7, 2012