American Airlines Promises Domestic Travelers Lie-Flat Seats Next Year

Beginning next year, American Airlines says some of its cross-country flights within the U.S. will feature lie-flat seats. Look for this premium amenity on the airline’s new Airbus 321s which are scheduled to arrive in November 2013.

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Lie-Flat Seats in First and Business Class

The new seating option will be available only to those in first and business class, for a total of 30 lie-flat seats. However, despite the name, lie-flat seats don’t lie completely flat – they are not quite horizontal. As SeatGuru points out, the fully reclined position is 180 degrees though that is an improvement over many business class seats that recline just 140 degrees.

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Lie-flat seats are also at a slight angle, which SeatGuru notes has its pros and cons: “Passengers often find these seats to be extremely comfortable for relaxing and working, but not conducive to sleep when in the fully reclined position because of the awkward angle.”

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Difference Between Lie-Flat and Flat Bed Seats

Lie-flat seats are not to be confused with flat bed seats which can recline to a truly horizontal position (and are said to be just as comfortable for sleeping as sitting).

Best seat in the house is said to be a suite which has been described as a nearly self-contained min-cabin with flat bed seating which can be found in first class on A380s on a number of international carriers.


Published: July 26, 2012