American Airlines Offers Free Wi-Fi on Flights through Feb. 16

American Airlines has extended an invitation to its passengers to enjoy free Wi-Fi on its Internet-enabled planes through Feb. 16.

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Free 30-Minute Wi-Fi Session

Each passenger gets a complimentary 30-minute session on the Internet, powered by provider Gogo and good for laptops or any mobile devices.

Presumably, American wants you to fall in love with this service and start paying the fees for it.

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American’s Wi-Fi-Enabled Aircraft

At the moment, American offers Internet connectivity – available now – on all Boeing 767-200 aircraft and select MD80 and 737 aircraft. The popularity of this service is increasing and watch for more planes to add this in the coming year.

What it Costs for Wi-Fi

Fees for Wi-Fi vary according to length of trip in miles and sometimes depending on the length of time you spend on the Internet. It can also depend on what you surf with.

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Some sample prices for laptop use:

  • 15-minute pass for $1.95
  • Short Flight Pass (up to 650 miles) – $4.95
  • Mid-Range Flight Pass (651 – 1500 miles) – $9.95
  • Long-Range Flight Pass (1501+ miles) – $12.95
  • Transcontinental Flight Pass – $14.95

For other mobile devices including tablets and smartphone, prices vary and in some cases are a little cheaper ($9.95 for the transcontinental pass for your smartphone vs. $12.95 for the laptop).

American also offers an unlimited monthly pass for $34.95 per month, and for just a few dollars more, Gogo offers a monthly pass good on any Gogo-equipped airline.


Published: January 24, 2012