American Airlines' New Ad Features Actor Kevin Spacey

American Airlines has chosen to promote its brand with a new ad featuring Kevin Spacey, the Academy Award-winning actor (American Beauty).

At the moment, though, you will have to visit the UK to see it on air as the commercial is only running in Great Britain.

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Why the Airline Chose Spacey

As a spokesperson for a U.S. company targeting a British demographic, Spacey seems to be a good choice. The 52-year-old American is currently serving as artistic director for London’s Old Vic Theatre.

See him play three different roles in this ad titled, “The Individual.”

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Other Airline Ads with Celebrities

Spacey is hardly the first celebrity to be featured in an airline advertisement. Actor John Travolta has long been a spokesman for Qantas. And Frontier Airlines campaigns often star its well-known cast of “tail animals” (Larry the Lynx, Griz the Grizzly, et al).

The most amusing ads, however, are arguably those starring everyday folks. Two of the best were produced for a couple of discount carriers in the U.S. Click below to see the ads:

The talented Mr. Spacey will have to kick it up a notch to compete with those performances.


Published: November 11, 2011