American Airlines Launches New Ad Promoting an Airline Fee

We have already helped hype one airline’s new TV ad (starring Frontier’s goofy “tail animals”), so to even things out, here’s American Airlines’ new commercial. The message is, “Fly without putting your life on pause. Be yourself non-stop.”

Airline TV Ads: Kids vs. Animals

Instead of animals, this one uses a child to make its point. Clearly, both carriers think folks will respond to the cuteness factor. Take a look and tell us if you like it.

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Pushing an Airline Fee

Although the above ad does indeed point out how to travel and still connect with loved ones (to “live seamlessly”), one must also note that the mother and her little girl are able to do so because of WiFi and unless Mom is an elite flyer or has a special credit card deal, chances are she paid a fee for that wireless connection (AA charges from $1.95 for fifteen minutes up to $39.95 for an unlimited monthly pass).

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Did You Catch the “Error” in the Ad?

I don’t begrudge the airlines trying to make money, far from it. We saw way too many bankruptcies in the past decade and I personally think the WiFi fee is worth the money. About the only quibble I do have with the ad is that the parent on the plane has an empty seat beside her.

When’s the last time that happened to you?


Published: September 22, 2011