American Airlines Joins Code Share with Qatar Airways

American Airlines has announced a new code share partnership with the Middle East’s Qatar Airways. As American points out in its press release, the relationship will “improve flight schedules and connection times” to the Middle East and beyond.

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Where Qatar Airways Flies

In North America, Qatar Airways flies to New York, Washington, D.C., Houston and Montreal. In April, it will also begin flights to Chicago. The carrier’s extensive network of 120 destinations includes London, Paris, Madrid and Moscow as well as numerous cities throughout Asia, Africa and Australia but it keeps expanding – recent additions include new routes to Serbia and Warsaw, and the airline has placed orders for 10 of those massive Airbus 380 planes.

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Benefits for Passengers

Travelers who belong to American’s loyalty program AAdvantage will be able to earn miles on any codeshare flights flown by Qatar Airways. American and Qatar are already linked by the Oneworld airline alliance: American is a member and Qatar is expected to gain full membership later this year (other member-carriers include British Airways, Japan Airlines, Qantas and more).

For those unfamiliar with the flagship carrier of Qatar, its hub is in the capital city of Doha. The nation is situated between Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, jutting off the coast of Saudi Arabia into the Persian Gulf.


Published: January 9, 2013