American Airlines Discontinues AAdvantage Miles with No Expiration Date

American Airlines has updated its AAdvantage miles program, effectively making all miles earned subject to expiration.

A little bit of back story: Previously, any miles earned before July 1, 1989, had no expiration date, meaning you could sit on them for years and not use them without the fear of losing them.

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But that’s not happening anymore. Starting Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012, all those previous miles that were once safe are now up for expiration as well. Any miles that before had no expiration date will earn you a 25 percent mileage bonus. So, if you had 100,000 miles with no expiration, with the bonus mileage, you would now have 125,000 miles.

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American points out that as long as you redeem your miles once every 18 months, your miles will never expire.

American also has a breakdown of the new program, complete with a chart and a quick Q&A.


Published: October 30, 2012