Alaska Airlines Increases Checked-Baggage Fees

Think bag fees can’t go higher? Think again. Alaska Airlines is the latest to hike the annoying fees but at least they’re not breaking any records.

Big birthday for bag fees

Alaska Fees Rise to ‘Standard’

Essentially, Alaska is following the long-set lead of legacy carriers like American, Delta, United and US Airways by boosting first checked-bag fees by $5. The airline is not, however, charging $35 for a second checked-bag which is now common. The following changes take effect for tickets purchased on Oct. 30 or beyond:

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fee Changes


New Fee

Old Fee

First checked-bag $25 $20
Second checked-bag $25 $20
Third and fourth checked-bag $75 each $20 and $50 respectively

Only surefire way NOT to lose a bag

More Bag-Type Fees

US Airways, meanwhile, has announced a new baggage delivery fee. This new VIP service includes collecting the bags from the carousel for delivery to a passenger’s home, workplace or hotel (within 40 miles of the airport) for a fee starting at $29.95. Note that this is in addition to the $25 fee charged by the airline. This delivery service is also available on other carriers including United.

Two Airlines Still Offer Free Check-Bags

If you don’t want to pay for bags, there are still a few options: use a carry-on (unless flying Allegiant, Spirit or Frontier which in many cases charge for such bags) or fly JetBlue or Southwest, the only two airlines that still carry checked-bags for free.


Published: July 19, 2013