Airports Offer Shopping, Promotions, Music for the Holidays

These days, most travelers see airports as little more than inconvenient way stations filled with minefields like long security lines. Over the holidays, however, some airports transform themselves as entertainment venues – and even sought-after destinations apart from wherever your airline is taking you.

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Entertainment at San Francisco Airport

For something really special, check out the offerings at San Francisco International (SFO). A recent free concert by DJ Qbert, a man the New York Times called a “legendary hip-hop artist and turntable master,” and the master did indeed draw a crowd. Upcoming events include performances featuring jazz, pop, soul and more.

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Shopping at Portland’s Airport

Oregonians have long known that their biggest airport – Portland International (PDX) – was a great place for local products, and they are now featuring many of them in a special promotion called Holidays Take Flight. The airport is also hosting a contest for free tickets to Las Vegas.

Christmas Tree Display at Fresno-Yosemite Airport

If you’ll be headed near the California airport known as Fresno-Yosemite (FAT), be sure to check out the dozen lavishly decorated Christmas trees on display. It won’t cost you a thing.

Hear TSA Officers Sing at Los Angeles International

If you visit the International Terminal at LAX on Dec. 20, you may get to hear something you won’t at the security lines: singing screeners. The LAX TSA Choir will perform at some point in the public area of that terminal. Time TBD.


Published: December 9, 2011