Airports in China Tighten Security after Strange Incident

What has been described as a brawl involving two male passengers aboard a Tianjin Airlines in western China has led to tighter security measures at many Chinese airports. Passengers traveling to, from or through the 16 airports in the Xinjiang region are advised to arrive for flights earlier than usual.

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Fight on Plane Leads to Tighter Security

It remains unclear exactly what transpired on the plane; different news reports of the event have presented scenarios ranging from a squabble over seat selection to an attempt to set off explosives hidden inside a crutch, but most media reports say that six passengers at the center of the incident were confronted by airline crew members and two later died of their injuries.

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New Security Requirements

Those who will be traveling in Chinese airports may be required to follow these new security regulations:

  • All luggage and any bottles will be opened for inspection
  • Disabled passengers will need hospital-issued ‘disability certificates’ if they plan to bring crutches or other mobility aids with them
  • Crutches and wheelchairs must be checked as baggage

How to Breeze through Security

No Changes in US Airports but Expect Long Lines

No changes have been noted at U.S. airport security checkpoints, but travelers can expect longer lines – mainly due to the crowds of summer travelers. Some who fly during this peak travel season do so often which can lead to delays due to unfamiliarity with security requirements.


Published: July 5, 2012