Airport Security: Even Celebrities Submit to the TSA

It would be something of an understatement to say that some travelers do not like airport security. Nevertheless, it is something we all must submit to. Even celebrities. If it’s been a while, there’s a refresher on the rules below.

Celebrity-TSA Encounters

Some recent names in the news at U.S. airports.

  • Pierce Brosnan: The one-time James Bond actor was stopped at a checkpoint in Burlington, Vt. for having a knife in a carry-on bag. It’s not clear if he even knew it was there but TMZ reports he moved it to a checked-bag and proceeded without incident.
  • Morrissey: The British singer was passing through the San Francisco airport when he claims he was “groped” by a TSA officer. According to USA Today, the TSA reviewed video of the encounter and said the officer followed “standard operating procedures.”

Some blasts from the past.

  • Jwoww: If Jenni Farley’s nickname is unfamiliar, you’ve forgotten all about Jersey Shore but back in 2011, she was a name and cried “abuse of authority” against TSA officers in Fargo. Her complaint: Having her hands test-swabbed for explosives (as far as we know, it came back negative).
  • Miss USA: That was Susie Castillo who raged against Dallas-Ft. Worth TSA agents a few years back when they had the audacity to pat her down. “Am I a threat to U.S. security,” she asked. She was not.
  • Chewbacca: Actor Peter Mayhew, who played the iconically furry Star Wars creature nearly lost his cane to a TSA officer – possibly because it looked like a light sabre. Luckily, the force (aka, Denver’s TSA) was with Chew because after a quick examination, the cane was returned to him.

How to Avoid Problems with the TSA

Find more security rules on the TSA website.

  • No containers of liquid that can hold more than 3.4 ounces
  • No guns or knives, or anything that could logically be perceived as a weapon
  • All toiletries and small bottles of liquids in a carry-on must be in a single quart-sized zip bag
  • Tip: Save time and trouble  by joining TSA’s PreCheck program.


Updated: August 5, 2015