Airport Security after 9/11 – What You Should Know

September 11, 2001

Can it really have been nine years since the Sept. 11 terror attacks?

It is still so vivid…so awful…so impossible. And back on that terrible day, it seemed impossible to imagine that life could ever return to normal. But it did.

With one particular notable exception that affects most of us personally, every time we travel- and that is airport security.

Some of you will recall that the Transportation Security Administration – what we call the TSA, or just, “airport security” – came into being under the Aviation and Transportation Security Act signed into law in Nov. of 2001. As a result, airport security tightened even more.

Airport Security vs. Terrorism

And in the beginning, flyers understood.

They understood the need for the long lines and the pat-downs and the wanding and the 3 ounce liquid rule, and the ever-stricter measures like shoe removal and body scan imaging machines.

And then, little by little, passengers became frustrated and angry – and began speaking up.

The Security Backlash Begins

They questioned the effectiveness of the security measures and the skills of the security officers.

Few, however, questioned the need for stronger security measures – and few questioned the TSA’s commitment to safer flights. It is the methods they use that have come under scrutiny, fair or not.

Join the Conversation – Make Your Voice Heard

Would you like to be part of this conversation? You can – at the TSA’s blog (

It is an adjunct to the TSA website – a place for casual conversation – and answers. They have a new “Talk to TSA” section where readers are urged to “send us your questions, suggestions and feedback” on security experiences.

And they do answer your questions, though you may not always like the responses. But the TSA seems to work hard on these detailed explanations – and on the blog in general – and you will enjoy the give-and-take in the comments sections.

Security Hot-Button Issues

This is a place where you can learn more about a variety of topics, from hot-button issues to everyday concerns, including the following:

If you’d like to learn more – or vent – or compliment a security officer – visit the TSA Blog. At the very least, you’ll have a chance to let off some steam and you may also learn something you didn’t know about airport security.

A security system that changed forever on a hot sunny Tuesday in September.

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Published: September 9, 2010