Airport Panhandlers and Pet Bathrooms, Roy Rogers' Stuffed Horse Auction

UPDATE: Trigger sold for $266,000 and Bullet brought in $35,000 – and both will be back on the air when RFD-TV begins showing old Roy Rogers Show episodes this fall.

Story Highlights

  • No panhandling law upheld for LAX
  • New pet restrooms at Reagan and Dulles airports
  • Roy Rogers’ stuffed horse Trigger auctioned off in NYC

Panhandlers Out at LAX

No more panhandling at Los Angeles International Airport, according to the Daily Breeze (and is there a better name for a seaside community newspaper?).

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a law stopping airport panhandlers from asking, “Got any spare change?” And that goes for charitable and not so charitable solicitations, too.

Not good news for Hare Krishnas – who made a such a memorable appearance at LAX in the movie “Airplane!” (if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing a classic).


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Bathrooms for Pets Now at Reagan and Dulles Airports

Next time you’re traveling to the nation’s capital with your dog, rest easy – no more running around, looking for a restroom for Sparky.


Both Dulles and Reagan have unveiled new “pet relief areas” (translation: dog bathrooms) including some that are outside the airport terminals, and some that are inside. The inside ones, you’ll be happy to know, have “ventilation and flushing systems” to keep everything clean and fragrant.

But you still have to personally “pick up” after your pooch.


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Roy Rogers’ Stuffed Horse Trigger Auctioned in New York

Are any of you old enough to have watched “The Roy Rogers Show” on TV? Then maybe you remember “Trigger the Golden Palomino”. Now, if you can catch a flight to New York quickly, you could get a chance to own Roy’s stuffed horse.

In Case You Were Wondering, Trigger was Almost 31 Years Old

Yes, Trigger – who died back in 1965, just one day before his 31st birthday – is up for auction. Roy couldn’t bear to part with his buddy, so he decided to keep him around permanently. Unfortunately, Trigger’s longtime home, the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum in Victorville, California closed back in 2003 so everything was moved to a museum in Branson, until that one shut down. [Editor’s note: I’ve seen Dead Trigger in person – and he looks every bit as good as a stuffed horse could possibly look].

Now, Christie’s in New York has him, but not for long: the horse will go up for auction in a Roy Rogers memoribilia sale that starts today, July 14. Supposedly, Trigger could bring as much as $100,000 to $200,000 so please - have a credit card handy.


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Also up on the block – Bullet the Wonder Dog, Roy’s late German Shepherd. Yes, he’s stuffed, too. Hurry and grab a cheap flight to New York and see for yourself.

Photo courtesy Bobster855


Published: July 14, 2010