Airlines with Wi-Fi – Where to Get Connected

According to Routehappy’s latest report on the state of airline Wi-Fi, passengers around the world now have “at least a chance of inflight Wi-Fi” on about 36% of what are known as ASMs (available seat miles – which is how airlines measure capacity).

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Airlines with Wi-Fi

Three major U.S. airlines (American, Delta, United) offer the most ASMs with inflight Wi-Fi but as Routehappy points out, Emirates is close behind. The top ten:

  1. Delta
  2. United
  3. American
  4. Emirates
  5. Southwest
  6. Etihad
  7. Lufthansa
  8. Singapore
  9. JetBlue
  10. Qatar

The next list includes airlines with Wi-Fi on all or nearly all of their ASMs (they just don’t have as much capacity as the first list). Note: All Virgin America planes are equipped for Wi-Fi but Routehappy says a few of the carrier’s new San Francisco-Hawaii flights do not yet offer the service.

  1. Scoot
  2. Virgin America
  3. Icelandair
  4. Delta
  5. Southwest
  6. Etihad
  7. United
  8. Emirates
  9. Norwegian
  10. Amercan

Tip: Wi-Fi changes have been coming fast and furious in recent years and if this is important to you, please check your airline’s website for the latest details. Or contact your airline on Twitter and tweet your question.


Updated: January 20, 2016