Airlines and Wi-Fi: Most Connected Carriers

If you want to work on a plane or watch a movie or just stay in the loop, good news from the folks at RouteHappy (an air travel data, content and tools provider). Its new, comprehensive study indicates it’s getting easier to find Wi-Fi on flights.

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Wi-Fi Connected U.S. Airlines: 66% Chance

Passengers flying domestic airlines now have at least a 66 percent chance of boarding a Wi-Fi equipped plane, allowing them to use the wireless technology that connects portable gadgets to the internet.

Virgin America: 100% Wi-Fi

Airlines adding the most connectivity to planes in the past year and a half include United, American/US Airways and Delta, but only Virgin America has Wi-Fi on all flights. More from RouteHappy:

“Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, and United have the most planes equipped with both Wi-Fi and electrical outlets, while Delta Air Lines offers the most flights with Internet access.”

Clearly, U.S. airlines are investing a lot of money in Wi-Fi. The picture is a little more hit-and-miss on international carriers.

International Airline Wi-Fi

45 non-U.S. airlines now “offer at least some chance of Wi-Fi on 15 percent of their flight miles.” These are the top five, and note that the top two offer well over 80 percent each.

  1. Icelandair
  2. Norwegian
  3. Etihad
  4. Singapore
  5. Lufthansa

Do you always, never, sometimes use Wi-Fi on planes? We’d like to know.


Updated: February 4, 2015