Airlines Warn of Heathrow Delays, Cancelations due to UK Strike

A nationwide strike of public employees in the United Kingdom this Wednesday (Nov. 30) is expected to impact travel especially at London’s Heathrow airport. Airline employees will not be on strike, but the walkout will affect immigration personnel which means visitors could face waits of up to 12 hours in line. Gatwick Airport is also anticipating lengthy delays due to the labor dispute.

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Airlines Cancel Flights, Waive Change Fees

A few airlines have already canceled some flights to London including Middle East carrier Etihad Airways and Greece’s Aegean Airlines.

Other carriers, including Virgin Atlantic, are cutting the number of passengers on certain flights, though it is so far not canceling any flights. British Airways is also expected to maintain its usual schedule.  However, both carriers are allowing passengers traveling that day to rebook their flights without the usual penalty.

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U.S. Airlines Offer No-Penalty Rebooking

United Airlines is also waiving its so-called change fee on flights to the UK for Wednesday, as is US Airways – both have posted the details on their websites. Other airlines may join in at any moment so passengers traveling to the UK this week are advised to stay in close contact with their carrier.


Published: November 28, 2011