Airlines Waive Fees Ahead of Storm Threatening Holiday Flights

UPDATE 12-20-12: More airline links to fee waiver information have been added below.

Once again, several airlines are being pro-active in the face of a potentially flight-disrupting winter storm and are waiving fees for those who want to reschedule (see links below).

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Several Midwest, Western Airports Affected

According to FlightStats, Denver is already being slammed and its airport is being hit with what are described as excessive delays. Oklahoma City and Omaha are also experiencing delays though to a lesser degree. The situation is expected to change, perhaps hourly by hourly, so anyone expecting to travel within the next few days should remain in close contact with the airlines and weather information.

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Airline Fee Waiver Policies

Note that airlines will continue to update websites, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

    • AirTran – See info on fee waivers and mor
    • American– Will waive fees on flights to/from a large number of airports throughout the Midwest
    • Frontier – See info on fee waivers and more
    • Delta – No alerts mentioned on its website (as of this writing) but we know from the airline’s Twitter feed that it is allowing changes with no fees on certain flights UPDATE: new details now on Delta’s website 
    • Southwest – See info on fee waivers and more
    • United – Fee waivers on flights to/from several airports including Denver, Chicago and more
    • US Airways – Fees waived for Denver, Des Moines, Chicago, Milwaukee and Omaha


Published: December 19, 2012