Airlines Waive Change Fees for Philippines' Typhoon Haiyan

Image: Typhoon Haiyan from

If you haven’t been watching the news and you had plans to travel to to Asia, heads-up: The Philippines is reeling from the brutal attack by Typoon Haiyan which smashed the islands with wind gusts of up to 235 miles per hour. Airlines that normally fly there have been pro-active about canceling change fees and here what travelers should do.

Can I get a refund for bad weather?

Contact the Airline

Step one is to contact your airline. Most have waived the very expensive change fees and are also allowing passengers to make new reservations without paying a fare difference. But act quickly.

Two U.S. carriers fly to Manila; click the names to see the specific storm policies:

Other carriers that fly to the Philippines’ Ninoy Aquino International include Japan’s ANA and JAL, Europe’s KLM, the Mideast’s Emirates and Etihad, Australia’s Qantas and numerous Asian airlines.

Read the Fine Print

If checking an airline website, read all the information carefully. In some cases, you have a limited time to make itinerary changes and a specific window in which to use vouchers for future travel. If you call the airline, be sure to ask a lot of questions but be patient – they will be fielding lots of other calls.


Published: November 8, 2013