Airlines Waive Change Fees Ahead of Big Winter Storm Jonas

If you’re traveling in the Northeast corridor this week, check with your airline (see links below). You may want to reconsider thanks to the raging blizzard known as Winter Storm Jonas. Of course, the decision may be out of your hands. Flights are being cancelled and delayed.

Airlines Waive Change Fees

Almost all airlines are waiving change fees (up to $200) for any passenger wishing to scrap flight plans. This is in effect for scores of airports from Upstate New York and New Hampshire to South Carolina (but it’ll vary by airline).

In some cases, travelers can change flights through Sunday, Jan. 24 but again, this may vary.

Click the link to your airline for detailed information:

*Virgin America’s link also includes an alert about California storms.

Note: We could not find information on Allegiant’s storm policy but here is their contact information.

Be safe out there.


Updated: January 22, 2016