Airlines On-Time Performance Rises, but Complaints Rise, Too

If the latest monthly statistics for U.S. airlines was a report card, the overall grade would likely be “C”. According to the November 2015 Department of Transportation report, they excelled in some areas but had big problems in others.

Airlines On-Time Performance

Overall, airlines posted an on-time arrival rate of 83.7%, up from November 2014’s 80.6%. Anyone who flew this past Thanksgiving will recall there was plenty of dismal weather.

Highest on-time arrival rates

  1. Hawaiian
  2. Delta
  3. Alaska

Lowest on-time arrival rates

  1. Frontier
  2. Spirit
  3. ExpressJet

Complaints Against Airlines

The number of complaints about airline service was up from a year ago:

  • Nov. 2015: 1,308 complaints
  • Nov. 2014: 912 complaints

Lost Baggage, Lost Pets

The baggage situation got a little better.

Mishandled baggage – reports per 1,000 passengers

  • Nov. 2015: 2.58
  • Nov. 2014: 2.87

But pets did not have a particularly good month.

  • Nov. 2015: 4 animal deaths, 2 injuries
  • Nov. 2014: 2 deaths, 2 injuries

Want to see how the airlines have been doing for the past couple of decades? See an archive of all Department of Transportation performance reports here.


Published: January 18, 2016