Airlines Issue Change Fee Waivers in Advance of Hurricane Rina

U.S. airlines are now moving into storm mode in anticipation of delays and flight cancelations as Hurricane Rina moves closer to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Many airlines are now offering travel waivers for those heading to Cancun, Cozumel and other Caribbean destinations this week (see the list of carriers below).

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How to Take Advantage of Change Fee Waivers

If you are heading to hurricane country, stay connected to your carrier via email or phone, and follow the news (Smart Tip: the National Hurricane Center offers an excellent storm tracking map).

Then, see if your destination is on your airline’s list of “waiver” cities. Depending on the carrier, you can call to make changes to your itinerary, or do this online, without having to pay the change fee which normally costs up to $150. Again, depending on your airline’s rules, you may be able to move your travel dates or get a complete refund.

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List of Airlines Offering Travel Waivers

Below is a list of carriers currently offering travel waivers in the wake of Hurricane Rina. Simply click on the airline name and you will be taken to its current Rina travel policy.

We will add to the list if other airlines join in.

Remember: stay connected to your carrier. The guidelines on Rina travel changes may be updated without further notice.


Published: October 26, 2011