Airlines Drop Fees for Hurricane Earl – Plus, Bad Weather Tips

Hurricane is Coming

As you can see from the latest tracking map below (from the National Weather Service), Hurricane Earl’s path is still a little sketchy, but it’s not looking good for parts of the Caribbean and the East Coast.

Airlines Drop Change Fees

The good news is, many airlines are waiving change fees if you need to reschedule your flight (a savings of up to $150 in fees), but hurry as this window of opportunity will not be open forever.

Contact your airline immediately – everyone else will be rescheduling and the sooner you get in line (whether at the airport, on the phone, or online), the better your chances of getting the flight you want.

Here are some handy links if you need to reschedule (and if your airline isn’t listed below, please check its website – the situation is fluid and updates may come at any time):


Find a Good Deal on a Flight from Your Airport (Away from Hurricane Country)

Follow Your Airline on Twitter or Facebook

Look for airline updates on social media – and following your airline on Twitter can get you the very latest information in the shortest amount of time.

More Bad Weather Tips

If your flight hasn’t been canceled or delayed, but might be, make sure you’re prepared for problems:

1. Cell phones and batteries: Make sure your cell phone (and other electronics) have full batteries, and have your charger on your person or in your carryon.

2. Airline contact info: Make sure your airline’s phone number is in your cell – as well as any other airlines that fly the same routes you hope to travel.

3. Don’t add to delays: Give yourself lots of time to get to the airport.

4. Use a carryon: You could be spending time in the airport or in a nearby hotel and it would be nice to have your bag with you. Don’t forget to put some food in there, too.


Published: August 31, 2010