Airlines Come Out Swinging Against FAA Furlough Delays

Since the mandated air traffic controller furloughs were implemented beginning this past weekend, there have been some flight delays but the situation has not reached the truly awful stage some anticipated – at least not yet (see a list of airlines linked to ‘travel advisories’ below).

Listen to air travel expert Rick Seaney, who is not thrilled by the furloughs.

Airlines Ask Passengers for Help

Several airlines aren’t waiting for that to happen, though – they’ve come out swinging in website announcements sharply critical of the FAA and in some cases, they’re enlisting passenger help.

Your flight is canceled, delayed – know your rights

United Gets Tough

United Airlines, for example, directs visitors to an airline trade group’s site called Don’t Ground America which puts the blame for squarely on the federal aviation agency: “The FAA’s unnecessary and reckless action will disrupt air travel for millions of Americans, cost jobs and threatens to ground the U.S. economy to a halt.” The solution, as proposed by the trade group is to have the FAA make other cuts, and travelers are asked to fill out a simple form that will send this message to their Congressional representatives.

JetBlue, the Diplomat

Over at JetBlue, the discount carrier sounds more sad than mad, saying “We are deeply disappointed.” JetBlue includes a lengthy list of airports (most of their major hubs) where the anticipate the most significant delays.

What Passengers Can Do

Check out FlightAware and FlightStats for the latest on delays. And keep in touch with your airline to check on flight status. Stay current with social media and here is a list of airlines with links to their latest travel advisories:


Published: April 23, 2013