Airlines Add More Bin Space for Money-Saving Carry-on Bags

Good news for frugal travelers, as well as those who like getting in and out of the airport more quickly: three airlines are adding or upgrading bin space to accommodate more carry-on bags.

According to the AP, these carriers include American, Delta and United.

Bag Fees Changed Bin Space Needs

Ever since airlines began charging a fee for a first-checked bag – and American Airlines was the first legacy carrier to do this back in 2008 – more and more travelers have been cramming their belongings into free carry-on bags, creating a shortfall in cabin bin space.

The One Airline that Does Charge a Carry-on Fee

Passengers Like Extra Bin Space – But So Do Airlines

Travelers hate battling for bin space, but so do the airline because when passengers have to hunt for elusive bin space this can cause delays which endanger a carrier’s all-important on-time statistics.

But help is on the way, as follows:

Airline Fees – What Do They Cost

American, Delta, United Add Bin Space

American Airlines

  • New 737s hold 48 more bags than older aircraft (but will also have more seats)
  • Older 737s will get new bulging or curved bin doors to accommodate bulkier bags

Delta Air Lines

  • New bins will be added to some 767s on international routes, holding 26 more bags

United Airlines

  • All A320s will get new curved bin doors beginning in April, holding more than 100 roller bags instead of 60+

Did You Know? – Gone for Good

More Legroom, Easier Access to Bin Space on American

American is making it easier to get a premium seat in the main cabin, and presumably better and quicker access to bin space – but it will cost you.

Its new Main Cabin Extra – a front section of its economy seating – will be available for free to certain elite miles program passengers but other travelers will pay between $8 and $108 per flight, depending on destination. This option will start rolling out sometime this spring.


Published: March 6, 2012