Airline Traffic Down Slightly in August, but Planes Still Near-Full

The latest statistics from the Department of Transportation show there were more than 66 million domestic and international passengers on U.S. planes this past August, a slight decrease from August of 2010. The decrease represents a drop in domestic passengers, as the number of international flyers remained flat.

Few Empty Seats because of Airline Capacity Cuts

Passengers will be forgiven if they did not notice the decrease – there were (and are) few empty seats on the airlines, thanks to continuous and voracious capacity cutting. Fewer seats, of course, means more tightly packed planes.

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Airlines with Most Passengers

Two U.S. airlines were singled out for most passengers in August, as follows:

  • Delta Air Lines: Most international passengers, most total system passengers
  • Southwest Airlines: Most domestic passengers

Both airlines also are tops in those passenger categories when the statistic are added up for the year so far.

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Airports with Most Passengers

The following three airports stood out for most passengers:

  • Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson: Most domestic passengers in August
  • New York’s JFK: Most international passengers in August
  • Miami: Most international passengers total so far this year


Published: November 21, 2011