Airline Pilot Dies during Flight from Warsaw to Prague

The captain of Czech Airlines flight OK-770 fell ill in mid-flight Wednesday and reportedly died at the controls as he was piloting a turbo-prop aircraft from Poland to Prague.

Plane Lands Safely with 46 Passengers

However, the co-pilot of the plane was able to take over seamlessly and make an emergency landing at Prague’s Ruzyne International Airport (PRG).  The plane safely touched down shortly after noon.

It is not clear if the 46 passengers were initially aware of the onboard drama, though they did see paramedics rush to the cockpit once the plane reached Prague, where resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful. At this point, the cause of death remains unknown.

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Previous Death in Mid-Air Involved Continental Pilot

This is not the first time such a sad scenario has played out. Three years ago, air travel analyst Rick Seaney reported that a 61-year-old Continental pilot died over the Atlantic as he was guiding his Boeing 777 from Brussels to Newark. A relief pilot took over, and the plane and its nearly 250 passengers landed safely.


Published: February 16, 2012