Airline Customer Satisfaction: Worse than the Cable Company?

Yes, another airline ranking list, but this one includes some fascinating nuggets of info.

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Airlines vs. Cable Company vs. Car Salesmen

For instance, according to the 2013 Temkin Experience Ratings – which measures customer satisfaction (or lack of same) – the airline industry as a whole ranked right on the line that separates “poor” ratings from the “just OK” ratings. Still, that was better than the cable companies overall (“TV service providers”) but not as good as automobile dealers.

The top two industries? Grocery stores and fast food chains.

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Best and Worst Airlines

None of the airlines did particularly well. The Tempkins report covers a total of 246 companies from a wide variety of industries, and an airline didn’t crack the list until number 100. Plus, the approval ratings for the very best airlines didn’t even get them in the “good” range of customer satisfaction – they only managed an “OK” rating. Here is the list:

1. Alaska (tie) 68%

1. Southwest (tie) 68%

3. AirTran 65%

4. JetBlue 64%

5. Delta 63%

6. United 55%

7. American 54%

8. US Airways 45%

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Sorry, US Airways

Remember we mentioned that the survey looked at 246 companies? US Airways came in at number 246. Maybe it’s a good thing the carrier will be changing its name soon.


Published: March 15, 2013