Airline Changes You Should Know About

A schedule tweak here and there and even some welcome news about lowered fees. Here is the latest:

Did any of these airlines make the top 10?

Alaska Airlines

The airline has tightened up its check-in window which means if you’re flying Alaska, you must check in with them 40 minutes before departure (online or in person). What hasn’t changed is that all passengers must be in the gate area 30 minutes before take-off.


Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary’s has pledged “not to unnecessarily p*ss people off” (which would be a first, we think) and reportedly the Europe discounter will cut “some of its most excessive charges, including baggage fees and penalties for not printing a boarding pass.” Interesting how this new kinder, gentler airline image coincides with the carrier’s first  projected decline in earnings in a decade.

Southwest Airlines

There have been a boatload of stories about the possibility of Southwest charging for bags. Anything’s possible but the official word is, no changes for now. Bags still fly free.

Spirit Airlines

If you fly Dallas to Phoenix on Spirit, you won’t fly into Phoenix’s Mesa (AZA) anymore but into the main airport, Sky Harbor (PHX). Other changes:

  • Daily nonstop seasonal service between Phoenix (PHX) and Chicago (ORD) starts Nov. 7
  • Daily nonstop seasonal service between Phoenix (PHX) and Denver (DEN) starts Nov. 7


Published: October 30, 2013