Airfare Prices Inching Upward for London Olympics Travelers

Airfare analyst Rick Seaney has already advised summer travelers to buy earlier in the three-months-before-departure airfare shopping window, and says his buy early message is especially true for travelers to this summer’s Olympic Games in London.

This week, Seaney noted that the average cheapest nonstop coach tickets range from a little over $1,000 up to nearly $1,400 round-trip – depending on the departure city.

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What Flights to London Cost

Currently the average cheapest non-stops tickets to London during the Olympic time (July 27 – Aug. 12) frame are as follows:

  • Atlanta – London, about $1,350 round-trip
  • Chicago – London, about $1,215 round-trip
  • Dallas – London , about $1,320 round-trip
  • Los Angeles – London, about $1,370 round-trip
  • New York – London, about $1,100 round-trip
  • Washington DC – London, about $1,130 round-trip

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How to Save on Flights to London

There are several strategies to finding cheaper fares to London, including finding the biggest departure airport to fly from – even if it means a significant drive. Seaney also suggests flying to a cheaper European destination such as Dublin or a city in Spain and flying one of Europe’s ultra-low cost carriers into the UK.

Bottom line: If you’re going to the Olympics – or heading to London for any reason – don’t delay on airfare.


Published: April 18, 2012