Air Transport Association Rebrands as 'Airlines for America'

The Air Transport Association, an airline trade association which represents all U.S. legacy carriers plus the fleets of Federal Express, UPS and a smattering of discount airlines, has decided that after 75 years in business, it’s time for a name change.

ATA Gets New Name

From now on, as Politico reports, the lobbying group will be known as “Airlines for America – We Connect the World.”  Or you can just refer to it as the breezier nickname, A4A – which is not to be confused with AFA, the Association of Flight Attendants.

Air Travel Group on Forecasts and Fees

Passengers may be familiar with the A4A for travel predictions. The organization recently forecast a 2 percent drop in airline passengers during the Thanksgiving holiday period, although travelers may be forgiven if they didn’t notice the decline since airline capacity cutting resulted in a scarcity of empty seats.

However, the A4A has been much more conspicuous in support of the airlines’ decision to charge fees for a dizzying array of services, particularly bag fees.

Find out what your airline charges for bags before your next trip

As Steve Lott of the previously-named Air Transport Association said earlier this month, “We dont think it’s appropriate for the government to regulate what services a private industry should offer to customers and at what price.”


Published: November 30, 2011