Air New Zealand's Sexy Safety Video Prompts Enthusiasm, Eye Rolls

Air New Zealand loves to stretch that old envelop – like the time they put crew members in painted-on uniforms (and nothing else) for a 2009 TV ad. But that was nothing compared to their latest stunt.

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Swimsuit Model Safety Video

Earlier this week, Air New Zealand released a new onboard safety demonstration video featuring Sports Illustrated swimsuit models cavorting in the Cook Islands.

VIDEO: Welcome to Air New Zealand, now brush off that sand and buckle up.

What People are Saying

Most people seem to have a sense of humor about the video, judging by a sampling of comments we’ve seen. But not everyone, including this all-caps typist:


Others weren’t sure who should be offended:

  • “If anything it’s not disrespectful to women, it’s disrespectful to men by insinuating that they’re mindless beasts.”

Still others demonstrated a live-and-let-live mentality:

  • “People are having a problem with that video? Sheesh. Lighten up world!”

And finally:

  • “At least this video got people to pay attention.”

And that may be the whole point of this unusual approach to safety.

Other Provocative Air New Zealand Videos

Last year, Air New Zealand won glowing reviews for its zany but beautiful Lord of the Rings-style safety video.

VIDEO: Air New Zealand welcomes you to Middle Earth.

Another unusual video features popular actress Betty White in an amusing take on what the airline calls, “Safety, old-school.”

VIDEO: Betty White for Air New Zealand.

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Published: February 14, 2014