Air France Strike Underway through Feb. 9 Cancels Flights, Delays Others

Sometimes, it’s easier to find a cheap flight to Europe than to get there, and if you’re scheduled to fly Air France this week, this could be one of those times.

The airline has scrapped some flights and delayed others due to a strike which is scheduled to continue through Thursday, Feb. 9.

Air France – No Stranger to Strikes

The labor action – which is being staged by pilots, cabin crews and ground workers – was called to protest new rules governing – protests. As Bloomberg reports, union members are upset over French legislation that would require any employees planning to strike to give 48 hours’ notice before walking off the job.

Unknown Number of Cancelations

It is not clear how many flights Air France will be canceled. The carrier’s website only says that, “We are compelled to reduce our flight schedule accordingly and we do not exclude ‘on the spot’ cancelations” and delays can be expected as well.

What to Do Anytime a Flight is Canceled/Delayed

Passenger Options: Delayed, Canceled Air France Flights

Air France is being pro-active in dealing with the situation and offers customers the following options:

  • Flights can be postponed to Feb. 17 through April 5 online
  • Flights can be postponed beyond that by calling the airline
  • Destinations and points of origin can be changed by calling the airline
  • Delays greater than 5 hours may subject to refunds
  • Change fees are being waived

Stay in Touch with Airline

The situation is fluid and can change at any time, so travelers are urged to stay in contact with the airline and be sure Air France has contact information for you.

Useful to know: Air France is a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance, as is Delta Air Lines, KLM and several other international carriers.


Published: February 6, 2012