A New Way to Get Faster Airport Security Screening

The TSA’s faster security program called PreCheck – which allows certain travelers access to a shorter screening line with perks such as keeping their shoes on – has proved very popular, but it’s only been available to a few (and more on that below). Now, certain Loews hotel guests can also get in on the program.

PreCheck: Who Pays, Who Doesn’t

Hotel Loyalty Members Access PreCheck

The lodging and resort company, which operates 18 properties across the U.S. (plus one in Quebec), announced that for the next two months it will pick up the fee for current members of its loyalty program so they can gain access to PreCheck via a government program.

The program, called Global Entry, was originally designed to provide pre-screened international travelers a quicker entry experience as they visit the U.S., but others can join simply to enjoy the privileges of the domestic PreCheck Program. A fee of $100 is required.

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Frequent Flyers Access PreCheck

The PreCheck program can also be accessed for free, but it’s by invitation-only extended to elite members of airline loyalty programs, including Alaska, American, Delta, United and US Airways. Many flyers say it helps take the hassle out the airport security experience.

PreCheck is currently available at 25 airports across the U.S. including most of the larger hubs and is expected to expand to nearly three dozen by year’s end.

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Faster Security Not Guaranteed

Now, loyal guests of Loews hotels and resorts can avoid this tedium – for free – and a spokesperson for the chain says they’re considering expanding the 60-day sign-up period.

It should be noted that a quick PreCheck screening experience is never guaranteed; the TSA has long said random security checks are an integral part of what they do and PreCheck members have been pulled from the line for closer screening (although this appears to be a rare occurrence).

Another Way to Get Faster Security

Those who are not privy to PreCheck can still get a faster security experience by remembering the following: no liquids in containers bigger than 3.4 ounce size, laptops must be removed from cases (this does not apply to iPads and tablets), and for now shoes must be removed.


Published: September 26, 2012