8th Domestic Airfare Hike Attempt After Brief Lull

Airfare Hike – Again

Moments ago, United/Continental initiated a roundtrip domestic airfare hike of $10 across the bulk of their respective U.S. route systems.

Will Other Airlines Raise Prices?

It is unusual to see a domestic airfare hike initiated on Monday morning; historically, the early part of the week has been reserved for domestic sales and the latter part of the week for price hikes (where typically, weekend matching activity sets the tone for a hikes success).

This increase attempt comes after last week’s partial respite following on the heels of an unsuccessful attempt by American Airlines the week before (March 9th).

I say,”partial respite” since we did see legacy airlines successfully raise prices on trans-Canadian routes by $20 roundtrip last week.

By our count, this is the 8th attempted domestic hike of 2011, and if it succeeds, it would be the 7th successful airfare hike of the year.

Airfare Prices and Summer Vacation Flights

For consumers, there was a bit of a bright spot last week during that partial lull as domestic airlines began slowly releasing some limited “cheaper” seat inventory for early summer departures.

Compared to the last few years, however, eager summer travelers will likely be searching for a “better bad deal” as opposed to a great deal, since cheap seats will be fewer and farther between.

Well update after tonights 8pm Eastern domestic airfare feed – and let you know if any airlines are matching the new hike.

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Updated: November 11, 2015