7 Best Videos of 2013: Funny, Sweet, Bizarre Moments in Air Travel

FareCompare’s Collin Quick and Anne McDermott viewed a lot of travel-related video over the past year and culled the best-of-the-best for your enjoyment (in no particular order).

They also couldn’t resist adding their own personal reviews (plus exciting color commentary).

They also want to hear what you think.

1. Sir Richard Branson’s Guide to Getting Lucky

Play these videos. They’re short. You’ll like them.

Collin: I like the concept of being able to order drinks without flagging down a flight attendant (as I did on a recent Virgin America flight), but I didn’t send a fellow seatmate a drink – and no one sent me one, either. The video took a bit of time to get to the Seat-to-Seat Delivery idea, but you can never have too much Branson charm.

Anne: Sir Richard can send me a drink anytime.

2. Harlem Shake on Frontier Flight 157

Collin: I’m glad the Harlem Shake came and went in about a month’s time – it’s incredibly annoying. That said, this has to be the most creative place to pull it off; not to mention the fact the students convinced an entire plane to play along. I can’t even convince the guy behind me to not rush the aisle as soon as we arrive at the gate.

Anne: There is a dancing banana. What more do you need to know?

3. 17 Air Travel Tips

Collin: John and Hank Green – collectively the VlogBrothers – have a certain nerdy market of the internet cornered thanks to these videos, as well as John’s young adult novels – the most popular one being “The Fault in Our Stars,” which will be in theaters next summer. I like this because Hank addresses the younger generation who may not know all that much about “the rules” of flying. While they may not all be factually correct, he hits the bulk of them out of the park.

Anne: The next Coen brothers? Maybe not. But pay attention, you’ll learn something.

4. Just Another Day in Middle Earth (Air New Zealand)

Collin: I love “The Lord of the Rings” movies and love even more how much Air New Zealand – and by extension the country of New Zealand – embraces the movies with open arms. And using actual Air New Zealand employees makes this video 10 times better; I would imagine it’s a lot of fun working for this airline.

Anne: If you’ve never considered visiting New Zealand, you will now.

5. Virgin America Safety Video

Collin: When I first watched this, I thought two things: 1) It’s long, 2) it reminds me too much of “Glee.” But then I realized Virgin is still covering all the aspects of the safety demonstration – hence the length – and that it holds your attention. Though if you fly Virgin a lot, I bet this gets pretty old pretty fast.

Anne: This video? I’d definitely look up from my SkyMall.

6. SNL: The Worst Lady on an Airplane

Collin: I love “Saturday Night Live” and think “Weekend Update” is the best part of every show. Let’s be honest: we’ve all seen this person on the plane – neck pillow, multiple plastic bags used as carry-ons, brings food on from the airport – and they are about this annoying, too. By the way, don’t follow any of her tips – and pray you don’t have to actually sit next to this person.

Anne: Oh, dear. I am this person.

7. WestJet Christmas Miracle: Real-Time Giving

Collin: This is a really sweet video executed beautifully. Lots of planning and work and I would imagine the payoff for all the employees involved was well deserved. And I bet anyone on those flights that didn’t approach “virtual Santa” was probably kicking themselves after they saw the couple walk away with their “big TV.”

Anne: I’d be the genius who asked for socks. One guy did and that’s what he got. Socks.


Published: January 3, 2014