7 Best Air Travel April Fools' Day Pranks

If you’ve noticed some unusual airline advertisements today and are wondering what the heck is going on, you’re not alone. Delta’s new double-decker armrests (“less elbow rubbing”) fooled one travel expert, but don’t forget today’s date: April 1.

Yes, it’s time for another round of Which Airline has the Best April Fools’ Prank? See our favorites below (plus three great videos).

Snarky, funny, hip: Best of the Real Airline Ads

1. VIDEO: WestJet’s New Pet Policy

If you own a pet bear, or raccoon, or alligator – this is the video for you. Beautifully done, wickedly funny:

2. VIDEO: WestJet’s Child-Free Flights

This was WestJet’s prank from 2012. Watch for kids-in-cages:

3. VIDEO: Aer Lingus ‘Riverdance’ Special

Aer Lingus celebrates hurling – the sport that is – and Irish dancing (think, Riverdance)  – and they say you’ll get both on your next flight with them.


4. Virgin Atlantic’s Glass Bottom Planes

Virgin Atlantic announces glass-bottom planes. For some reason, this news supposedly coincides with the airline’s inaugural domestic service to Scotland. Perhaps this is a stretch but it may be that there’s a pun in the making here – about “Glass-gow”?

5. Virgin America’s Deluxe Pet Cabin

Want your dog to frolic amongst “open air” lavatories, complete with mood-lit fire hydrants designed by Frank Gehry? Check this out.

6. Lower Costs on Pay-by-the-Pound Flights

Worried you could be too fat to fly? One airline – Samoa Air – is charging by the pound and a non-April Fools’ study suggests it’s the wave of the future. Shed pounds and airfare charges by using new spray-on jeans from American Eagle.

7. Special Amenity for Cats Only

Sony is said to be designing headphones for felines. Perfect for any animal seated next to that guy whose iPad overloaded with cute cat videos (there’s always “that guy”).


Published: April 1, 2013