6 Scary Trips for Halloween

We love Halloween. Throw in a scare or two and we’re in heaven. Spice it up with a cheap flight – and flights are indeed cheap in the fall – and we’re on our way. Click the city names below to find your cheap flight.

Note: We don’t believe all the chilling tales we’re about to share, but – who can say for sure?

  • Scariest Town

Salem, Mass. Once upon a time, witches really were hanged here (and one poor soul was crushed to death). Now the city boasts a memorial to the victims and hosts an official Witches Ball in October. Other fall festivities include a haunted street fair, celebrations of paranormal events and ghost tours. Don’t believe in ghosts? You’ll love the cobblestoned streets and stately homes dating back to the 1600s. Learn more here.

Getting there: Fly into Boston, then head north to Salem – just a 25-minute drive up the coast.

  • Scariest Landmarks

Los Angeles – Hollywood Sign. Hikers claim to have seen the ghost of Hollywood starlet Peg Entwistle near the famous sign. Back in 1932, this young woman was despondent (over her career?), so she leapt to her death from the “H” in the sign. The sign originally spelled out “Hollywoodland” as an advertisement for a real estate development so who knows, you may see ghosts of contractors and carpenters as well. Learn more here.

Getting there: Fly into Los Angeles or Long Beach – or Burbank which is closest to Hollywood.

New York – Empire State Building. Plenty of ghosts reportedly haunt the observation deck of this iconic building which has seen its share of jumpers, but it should be crowded with the ghosts of old movies since so many were filmed here (is that you, King Kong?). Learn more here.

Getting there: Fly into New York via JFK, LaGuardia or Newark.

  • Scariest Ballpark

Chicago – Wrigley Field. There are a lot of stories about ghosts seen at the park (and we’re not talking about the haunted look on the faces of Cubs players). The most common specter seems to be former player/manager Charlie Grimm (perfect, right?). Mr. Grimm is thought to be responsible for a phone that sometimes rings in the bullpen – in the middle of the night. Learn more here.

Getting there: Fly into Chicago, which usually means O’Hare (although Southwest flies into Midway) then head east to Wrigley.

  • Scariest Cemeteries

Bodie, Calif. This small but authentic ghost town was abandoned in the 1930s; what remains of this once-thriving gold mining center are some creepy-looking buildings and an eerie stillness. See the faded books in the schoolroom and ancient canned goods in the general store but don’t overlook the little cemetery. When a friend visited this isolated spot, miles from anywhere – and there were no other visitors around – she felt a chill go down her spine when she saw fresh flowers on the grave of a little girl. Learn more here.

Getting there: Not so easy but flying into Sacramento is one way then drive east or fly to Reno then head southeast.

Paris, France. You’ve heard of some of the famous names buried as Pere Lachaise from Chopin to Edith Piaf, from Marcel Proust to Marcel Marceau – and Oscar Wilde. Look for crowds around the grave of Doors singer Jim Morrison or just look for Jim hanging out – some say the Lizard King is restless. Learn more here.

Getting there: Fly into Paris. There’s a Pere LaChaise stop on the metro line.


Published: September 5, 2013