6 Excellent Reasons to Travel in the Fall

Some habits die hard. Like vacationing in summer. Time to rethink this for a bunch of reasons so get a sitter or take off with the family during one of those no-school-due-to-teacher-meeting days. If you don’t have kids at home, you’re golden. [See the helpful video below]

Six perfect fall trips

1. Cheap flights for U.S. and Europe

The airlines know most of us are set in their ways, so they lower prices for fall flights to lure us on planes. A couple of recent examples from the Deals Blog:

  • JetBlue – Philadelphia to Boston from $59 one-way
  • United – New York to Dublin from $600 round-trip*

*Sounds good, right? But we found even cheaper flights on FareCompare.

2. Easier airport experience

Smaller crowds and fewer inexperienced once-a-year flyers means a more streamlined experience at the airport and this is especially true (in our experience) at the security lines. Join the TSA’s PreCheck program and it’ll be even faster plus you can keep your shoes on.

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3. Fewer screaming kids on planes

We like kids. We have some of our own. So, we’ve been there but no one enjoys screaming children on planes. With school in session, there will be fewer of them to kick your seatback on that LA to NY flight while Mom and Dad pretend they don’t notice.

4. Special deals

Like cheaper airfares, airlines seem to love offering unusual perks during the fall. Here’s a couple of examples, past and present:

5. Great weather

Travel expert Rick Seaney says, “Fall is my favorite time of year to get on a plane,” and he’s got a point. In most places, it’s not too hot or too cold, the lines are shorter at major attractions in the U.S. and Europe and you’ll often find customer service people you interact with have a lot more patience.

6. The leaves!

Do we have to mention the beautiful fall foliage? If you don’t know where to go, see our picks for 6 Perfect Fall Trips.

VIDEO: Check this out – 6 Tips for Saving on Fall Travel:


Updated: February 9, 2016