5 Tips from Flight Attendants for Holiday Travel

The nearly 60,000-member Association of Flight Attendants union has compiled a list of five travel tips for family travel during the holiday season.

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The purpose of the tips, according to the union, is to “ensure onboard safety” but they may also help make life easier for beleaguered cabin crew members.

5 Tips from the Flight Attendants

1. Listen to the flight attendants and pay attention to the safety briefing.

As a spokesman for American Airlines notes, “Federal law gives flight crews the authority to give instructions to any passenger” and these are instructions that legally must be obeyed.

2. Buckle up and keep seat belts on.

According to the flight attendants, passengers should “keep seat belts fastened during the entire flight, even if the seat belt sign is off.” This is sensible advice since turbulence can and does appear without warning, injuring non-buckled passengers and crew members.

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3. Follow instructions regarding personal electronic devices.

Bottom line: flight attendants want to be sure you are paying attention to them and not your iPhone in the event of an emergency.

4. Limit carryon bags and bring only valuables or necessities onboard.

The explanation claims that carryon bags are linked to “thousands of injuries” each year, which is true – injuries to flight attendants who have to hoist them up into the overhead bins.

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5. Put children aged two and under in a certified child restraint seat.

Good advice, but that will mean purchasing an additional ticket for the child instead of allowing him or her to ride on your lap for free on domestic flights.


Published: November 16, 2011