5 Reasons to Travel Now (And Where to Go)

Did you skip vacation this year? Couldn’t find the time to get away, or couldn’t find an airfare to fit your budget? You might want to reconsider. Flight prices drop off at the end of August.

Plus, you need a break. The following destinations were suggested by airfare expert Rick Seaney. Just click the name and we’ll help you find a great getaway for less.

Never lose a bag again

5 Reasons to Travel and Where to Go

1. You’re working too hard

We know this because surveys show many in the U.S. don’t take all the days-off they’re due, plus a lot of folks work during vacation days. Studies show people need down time so, do yourself a favor and take a quiet getaway.

2. The kids are driving you nuts

We love our children – but who knows, we might even love them more if we get a chance to miss them for a few days.

3. You’re all just too busy

You’re working, running errands, doing chores while the kids are playing sports or attending summer classes or working part-time jobs. Time for everyone to decompress.

4. Adventure is closer than you think

You don’t have to go far or spend a lot of money to get out of a day-to-day rut. Find a nearby destination that’s a little too far to drive but can be a completely different world.

5. Life’s too short

Too short for regrets, that is. Always wanted to visit Europe? Fall is a great time to go thanks to a big drop off from summer airfare prices during the last week in August. See some great examples on the Deals Blog.


Published: August 8, 2013