5 Reasons to Get Off the Couch This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to get on a plane and go somewhere. Let us count the ways.


1. The kids are in school.

Grandma’s in town (or she could be). When’s the last time you and the spouse got away on your own?


2. Flights are cheaper.

Cheaper than you’ll pay for summer travel.


3. Spring Break is almost over.

You’ll actually be able to squeeze into your favorite beachside bar.


4. Spring is prettier than summer.

The cherry blossoms in the nation’s capital will soon be in bloom, along with all those daffodils near Seattle, the tulips of Holland (Mich.), and don’t forget the orange blossoms in Orlando. Naturally, we can help you find the best-priced fares to all these cities.


5. Get in shape for summer.

A trip now will exercise vital muscles needed to pull wheeled carry-ons and slog through security lines.



The dog needs a bath. If he’s ripe enough, you know the kennel you board him in will give him one.


Published: March 6, 2014